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The Biggies: ten conversations you should plan for

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 6 2017

The dreaded parent-child life talks. Odds are you've been having them with your folks since the first time you cut your sisters pony tail off, or did some other childhood things to warrant the "go wait in your room, your father will be hearing about this when he gets home," bomb from mom. You probably slinked away, awaiting that conversation with anxious energy. Funny how some things never change. Now that everyone is a little older, a little wiser, surely we can all talk about things like aging, right? Of course not.

Maybe a better approach than waiting (in your metaphorical room) for the moment the talk becomes unavoidable is to be proactive, to plan ahead. Because across all manners of care, we at CaraVita see not just your care journey, but so many others too. And so we see patterns. Like, for example, the types of conversations that families wind up needing to have with one another. Here are the ten conversations we see all the time; the ten conversations you should plan for with your aging loved one:


  1. Your legacy. The values you represent.
  2. The most important things in your life that have defined the person you are

  3. Daily Life

  4. Where your loved one would like to live, and where they are capable of living
  5. Key contacts, and where important info lives.

  6. Health

  7. Maintaining all-around healthy lifestyle into older years.
  8. Nutrition and diet.

  9. Decisions

  10. Determining what sort of care your loved one will want.
  11. Determining a surrogate decision maker and filing durable power of attorney for healthcare.
  12. Figuring out how to access community help; who are the go-to agencies that can help and should we purchase long term care insurance?
  13. Finances

  14. Financial considerations, like care related costs, how to reach savings goals.

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