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Tawanda Burge | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on July 1 2018 | 2 minute read

Tawanda BurgeCongratulations to Tawanda Burge, our July Caregiver of the Month at CaraVita! Originally from Macon, Georgia, this mom and grandmother of three is a joyous addition to the CaraVita family. Tawanda has been with the CaraVita team since April, 2017! Having been a caregiver for the last 23 years, Tawanda grew up in a family of eight kids, four girls and four boys, and she started caring for her grandmother when she was just 12 years old!

“I’ve just always wanted to take care of people and make friends. My family will tell you I’ve always been the person to negotiate conflicts and solve problems. I’m a people person.” 

Tawanda loves to go to Six Flags White Water. She enjoys eating funnel cake, and playing the different games – her favorite is the game that attempts to guess your weight and age. Tawanda says she can fool the game every time! Although she does enjoy going to the park, she also is delighted to be a caregiver.

 “My favorite part about working for CaraVita is the clients I get to work with. I love getting to help them and care for people. The client I work for now is just the sweetest!”


Tawanda loves food and she is always delighted to make her clients unique meals which is a special gift for everyone involved! We told the daughter of one of her clients that she was going to be the Caregiver of the Month for July and the daughter exclaimed, “Oh, I’m just so excited for her! We absolutely LOVE Tawanda!”

Tawanda“My mom had lost a lot of weight and became very conscious about what she eats. Tawanda said, ‘Oh no, this just can’t be!’ She spent her own money one day and bought pancake mix, grits, and organic syrup—because she knows my mom doesn’t like artificial sugars—and cooked her a HUGE breakfast. I told her I wasn’t sure if my mom would eat it. Later that week, Tawanda told me she ate ALL of it! When I asked my mom about it, she said, ‘Oh, I was smacking my lips! I thought I had died and gone to heaven!’ She just encourages her, and I think it helps my mom do things that she would refuse if anyone else asked her. She is just such a special person.”

“She just makes you feel really comfortable and loved. She goes out of her way to make my mom feel so loved. She cares for her just like she is family, and I know my mom adores her. She thinks of her as if she was another daughter.”

Thanks to amazing caregivers like Tawanda, CaraVita can continue to care for families like yours. Stay up to date with all things CaraVita by subscribing to our blog today!


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