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Helping Your Loved One Avoid Senior Scams

Posted by CaraVita Staff on May 7 2019 | 3 minute read

Every year, thousands of seniors are targeted by many scams that aim to steal financial information, personal identities, or other prized possessions. As scammers become more clever and advanced, recognizing these scams become challenging because they emulate legitimate companies that your loved one would typically do business with.

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A Breakthrough Way to Fund Chronic Care Expense

Posted by Larry Lupus on April 1 2019 | 3 minute read

CaraVita Home Care is proud to share the writings of Larry Lupus, the owner of Lupus Financial Services in Cumming, Georgia. He is an expert in finance industry and has provided some helpful information that the senior in your life can use when dealing with financial hardship:

We, the “grown children” whose parents are incurring home care or need to move to Assisted Living Communities, or Memory Care or Independent Living, are worried sick about where the money will come from when the time comes to fund our care. 

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Financial Safety in Medicare

Posted by CaraVita Staff on September 2 2018 | 3 minute read

CaraVita Home Care wants all seniors to be safe and informed. We take measures to educate and protect our clients. Medicare is one of the most significant topics families ask about. CaraVita Home Care wants to connect families to individuals who can help them navigate any area of senior living. Medicare consultant, Bonnie Dobbs, is an excellent resource that actively protects seniors in the Greater Atlanta area. The following is a CaraVita Guest Blog written by Bonnie Dobbs:

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6 Ways to Pay for Home Care Services

Posted by CaraVita Staff on December 5 2017 | 3 minute read

Dropping everything and becoming a caregiver for an aging relative can be very challenging, so it is a relief to know you have access to high-quality, professional assistance for your loved one when you are not able to be there. However, it is an added expense that you might not have been planned on. In some cases, your parent or relative may have the funds readily available to cover the cost. In other situations, you or the person needing care may have to look at alternative options for paying for home care services.

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