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5 Fun Spring Activities for Seniors for CaraVita Home Care in Atlanta

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 1 2018

Home Care AtlantaThe springtime brings a sense of renewal, along with sunny days, colorful plants, and aromatic breezes. This is the time to help the senior in your life get some fresh air after being cooped up indoors all winter long. It is a relief to feel the sun on your skin and smell those sweet Georgia peaches! It can be a little challenging to find activities that you and mom, or dad, can do outside together. That is why here at CaraVita Home Care we created a list of 5 fun spring activities for seniors in Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia.

1.    Take a Nature Walk

In Atlanta, early April can be the ideal time to see the trees turn green and the Dogwoods bloom. One of the best ways to get mom or dad outside to see a glimpse of spring is to simply walk out the front door. Whether you are strolling with them or wheeling them, sometimes a simple walk around the neighborhood is all you need to do for some fresh air. If you would like a guaranteed viewing of the Dogwoods and other beautiful flowers, just reference with CBS Atlanta’s list of the best nature walks for flowers.

2.    Visit a Farmers Market

One of the best times to purchase fresh produce is during springtime. If you are living in Atlanta and have home care for the senior in your life, fresh produce is a great addition to their diet for ultimate health. Instead of just going and buying the produce, take mom or dad to visit a local farmers market. Make sure you pick a sunny day and go see the arts, sample the foods, and smell the spring scents.

3.    Go on a Picnic

If you do purchase any fresh produce from a Farmers Market, you and the senior in your life can cook a meal together or even go on a picnic outside. An ideal spot is going to a local park and finding a picnic table for optimal comfortability. The fun can even start before the picnic. Have mom or dad help you prep for the meal! Make traditional picnic foods, sandwiches, chips (made of fresh veggies!), wraps, fruit, and easy to prep food items.

CaraVita Home Care Atlanta

4.    Go Bird Watching

The Atlanta Audubon Society hosts annual bird watching festivals. If your loved one is in Home Care in Atlanta and they enjoy birds, then this is the ideal outing to do together. If mom or dad are not as mobile, you can help the birds come to you. You can buy a bird feeder or make a birdhouse to put up in the backyard. This way the senior in your life can sit out back or watch through a window and see the birds nearby.

5.    Bring Nature Inside

As much as everyone wants to go outside into the spring air, this may not always be a possibility due to allergies or mobility restrictions. The best way to combat this is to bring nature inside. Spring is an excellent time for wiping away the winter dust, hence the term spring cleaning. So, make sure mom or dad have a clean home and then pick out some flowers together to put on the counter. You can also get an easily manageable plant for them to take care of as a spring activity. Try to aim for plants with bright colors or powerful scents, such as lavender.

There are multiple springtime activities that are suitable for seniors in Home Care in Atlanta and all around the United States. At the end of the day, no matter what season it is, here at CaraVita we believe you should always make time for the senior in your life. If you need some help setting aside time, contact us to see how we can help.

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