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Sensory and Creative engagement items for those with Dementia

Posted by Beth Cayce on September 29 2016

Many times when you are caring for a loved one with dementia you often forget about engaging them in creative activities. As a caregiver you are often confronted with just making it through the day by providing assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, going to doctor appointments or fixing meals. But what if you could look beyond the challenges and focus your energy on creating Moments of Joy throughout the day.

I understand how this may seem like one more thing you have to do, but I guarantee the payoff in how your loved one reacts will be worth the journey. Below I have assembled some easy to use items you can order off Amazon that can provide you and your loved one ways to reconnect and that will put a smile back on their face as you see them complete the task and just enjoy it along with you. You can order the below from Amazon.

Sensory tools for agitation, stress and fun.

- Skishie Aquarium Square, Sensory Fidget Stress Away Pac By Attainment
Sold by: beacon-ridge (seller profile) | Product question? Ask Seller
Condition: New

- Tangle Relax Therapy Sold by: stores123 (seller profile)

Eye hand exploration and cognitive stimulation

- Match the Shapes Engaging Activity for Dementia and Alzheimer's
Sold by: Keeping Busy: The Dementia Activities Specialist (seller profile) -New$25.00

- Puzzle With Me -Relaxing with Friends- Alzheimer's and Dementia Therapeutic Puzzle, Large, 12 PiecesSold by- Amazon.com LLC

- Jigsaw puzzles designed for people with dementia - Curious CatSold $39.99 by- Active-Minds (seller profile)

- Posey Apron Activity Multicolored Cotton Polyester Blend - Model 7400
Sold by: Kay Rehab (seller profile). $19.99

Creative Expression

-Aquapaint designed for people with Dementia - Everyday
Sold by: Active-Minds (seller profile) $19.99


- Animal Bingo (Audio) - A game / activity designed specifically for people with Alzheimer's / dementia
Sold by: Active-Minds (seller profile)

Everyone loves to be creative and paint or plays games. Try these items out or pick up a copy of Creating Moments of Joy by Jolene Brackey on Amazon and you will be amazed at the engagement it provides.

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