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Timing Out Maintenance with Senior Home Care

Posted by CaraVita Staff on November 1 2018


senior home careWhen most people think of purchasing a home, they might first resonate with the financial responsibility that comes along with that purchase. Buying a home is said to be one of the true feats of becoming a responsible adult. Most people, however, do not think about the maintenance required through the years, or how they might care for the home as seniors. Purchasing a home is rather permanent, and it is important to be cautious of all the factors that come with new ownership. Having older parents facing issues with senior home care maintenance is a significant problem for living independently. Nearly 70% of home upkeep tasks are considered challenging for seniors.

Fortunately, there are home care services available for seniors. The first step to resolving maintenance issues with older loved ones is to be aware of the monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks associated with owning a home.



There are certain tasks that should be tackled daily to keep a home presentable and safe, such as tidying up. ­­­­The following tasks are sometimes overlooked but should be maintained on a monthly basis.

  • Inspecting the home fire extinguisher
  • Cleaning the garbage disposal in the kitchen sink
  • Clean or change the range hood filters
  • Change or check HVAC filters

Most filters do not need to be replaced on a monthly basis but checking for dirt or imperfections is always a smart move to ensure proper ventilation. These tasks are not as dire as other daily tasks, but should never go unchecked for more than three months.


Quarterlysenior home care

While daily and monthly tasks may take more precedence, quarterly tasks should never be overlooked. Quarterly tasks may be slightly more difficult but can still be handled by a significant number of older adults. 

  • Test the pipes in unused areas by flushing toilets and running water
  • Test carbon dioxide and smoke detectors
  • Check water softener

Another quarterly task only applies if there is a garage in the home. The auto-reverse function of the garage door should be tested quarterly to aid in preventing injury. This does not apply to homes with garage ports or no garage at all. The next set of tasks are essential and increase with difficulty for senior home care owners.



Tasks that are biannual are often more challenging to complete. If you have older parents facing these chores, you will either need to hire senior home care services or plan a visit to help yourself. Approximately every six months, these tasks need to be checked:

  • Replace carbon dioxide and smoke detector’s batteries
  • Check the pressure relief valve on the water heater
  • Deep clean the entire home 

senior home careMaintaining a home in monthly, quarterly, and biannually phases can help prevent costly home repairs. It is also essential to know the annual tasks that go along with owning a home. Annual tasks include but are not limited to checking the home climate systems seasonally, inspecting the exterior of the home, cleaning the gutters, checking landscape hazards, inspecting the roof and plumbing, and checking the sidewalk or driveway for cracks to prevent injury. For a full list of home maintenance items read this article.

Being a homeowner is something to be proud of, but it can become more challenging as we age. If you do have older parents, ensure they are keeping up with their homes and help them check these items off their to-do list. If they are becoming incapable of home maintenance, there are options such as retirement communities or hiring senior home care and various services.

CaraVita wants to ensure everyone has the ability to remain safe. If you have further questions regarding senior care, contact us today.


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