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RoToya Jiles | Caregiver of the Year

Posted by CaraVita Staff on December 31 2020 | 3 minute read


Each year, CaraVita Home Care nominates one Care Partner from the Caregiver of the Month nominees, someone who truly exemplifies CaraVita’s vision and mission, to honor as the “Caregiver of the Year.”

This year (drumroll, please!), our 2019 Caregiver of the Year is RoToya Jiles!

RoToya joined the CaraVita family this past March [2019], but she has already shown herself to be one of the very best! To read more about RoToya’s story, you can read her Caregiver of the Month Spotlight here!

CaraVita Home Care was founded in Roswell, Georgia, out of a passion for caring for those living with dementia and to partner with families so that seniors could age in place. RoToya is a perfect example of that passion lived out. As a live-in caregiver, RoToya has been with her current client, who is living with dementia for the last six months, and her care has made it possible for their family to have her remain at home longer.

RoToya and Family_CaraVita Home CareHer client’s husband, Bill, remembers the first-time meeting RoToya, who the family refers to as just “Toya.” 

“We were describing how difficult my wife can be and posed the question to Toya as to how she would handle total rejection when trying to get her to take a shower. Toya said that she would, of course, back off and in a short while she would approach the shower idea a little differently. Such as ‘Ms. Patsy, let’s go to the spa!’ That got both mine and our daughter’s attention. Toya is creative!”

Bill said RoToya is fabulous for so many reasons, of which include her thoughtfulness, her sense of humor, and, most of all, her patience.

Like many living with dementia, her client has good days and bad days. Bill shared, “Toya is patient when rejection seems to be the order of the day. While sometimes I sense that Toya is a little frustrated, I’ve never seen her lose her temper or lose sight of the objective. It’s obvious she wants to do what is best for my wife, and that puts my mind at ease, particularly when I am not present in the home. In other words, we trust her.”

RoToya and her client were frequent visitors to Roswell’s local memory care café, Amy’s Place. Alyss Amster, the Director of Amy’s Place noted,

“RoToya is the kind of Caregiver everyone would want for themselves or their family members. Most of the professional caregivers that bring someone to Amy’s place look at it as a respite for the Caregiver and frequently sit on the phone playing games. Not RoToya. She gave her undivided attention. She is the role model all caregivers should strive to be.”

CaraVita Home Care is so grateful to have RoToya as part of our team and are so grateful for the opportunity to recognize her for all her hard work and depth of character. Thank you, RoToya! You have made the lives of your clients and those you work with so much better through your integrity, determination, and passion for caring! Congratulations from all of us!

RoToya Jiles_CaraVita Home CareCaraVita Founder & CEO, Beth Cayce, with RoToya


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