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Holiday Gift Guide for the Senior in Your Life

Posted by Beth Cayce on December 8 2018

The holidays always have a way of sneaking up on us, and if you are a last-minute shopper like some of us here at CaraVita Home Care, you may be frantically online shopping to get the job done before your family gathering.

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How to Have a Good Holiday Visit

Posted by Beth Cayce on December 1 2018

The holiday season is upon us! If you are caring for a loved one living with dementia, the holiday season can be both wonderful and challenging. It is a great time of the year to engage with your loved one in favorite activities and memories from holidays past, but it can also be difficult to navigate these traditions in new ways that offer the proper support for them.

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Josephine Okolie | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on November 7 2018

Though she was not in healthcare for most of her career, Josephine Okolie has been taking care of people for most of her life. The oldest child in her family in Nigeria, Josephine grew up with three siblings. Her family was Catholic, and Josephine wanted to be a nun. As she began the early stages of the journey to becoming a nun, she began working for American Life Insurance as an executive assistant. When the time came to take her vows, Josephine decided against becoming one because it would require her leaving her job which was helping to pay the school fees for all of her siblings.

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Timing Out Maintenance with Senior Home Care

Posted by CaraVita Staff on November 1 2018


When most people think of purchasing a home, they might first resonate with the financial responsibility that comes along with that purchase. Buying a home is said to be one of the true feats of becoming a responsible adult. Most people, however, do not think about the maintenance required through the years, or how they might care for the home as seniors. Purchasing a home is rather permanent, and it is important to be cautious of all the factors that come with new ownership. Having older parents facing issues with senior home care maintenance is a significant problem for living independently. Nearly 70% of home upkeep tasks are considered challenging for seniors.

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Dementia Life and Person-Centered Care Approach at CaraVita Home Care

Posted by Beth Cayce on October 3 2018

CaraVita’s Dementia Life program is an approach to Alzheimer’s and dementia care that is focused on honoring the uniqueness of each individual we serve. Though dementia may steal a person’s memories, those living with dementia can still experience moments of connection and joy. At the end of the day, our lives are not measured by the number of things we have accomplished, but the relationships that we have formed along the way. In Dementia Life, we seek to create environments where those living with dementia can continue to connect to those around them and feel a sense of accomplishment each day. Whether it is making sure someone gets a hug before they get out of bed, or finding the right jazz song to dance to in the afternoon, we want each day in the lives of those we serve to be meaningful and full of engagement.

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Alima Njie | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on October 3 2018

Caring and responsible - Alima Njie is an ideal caregiver. She is also our October Caregiver Spotlight at CaraVita Home Care! Alima is originally from Gambia, West Africa. When she is not working, she enjoys spending most of her time with her four daughters – ages 18, 15, 13 and 5! She grew up in a family with two brothers, so having four girls has definitely been a learning experience for her. She recently proclaimed: 

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Words of Wisdom for Senior Caregivers

Posted by CaraVita Staff on October 1 2018

Having a job as senior caregiver can be a very fulfilling and rewarding career, that will provide for complete job satisfaction. When you care for an elderly loved one, there is a great sense of honor and purpose in your life. It may sometimes become a little tough to exert a lot of energy into helping someone else, so it is important to seek help to avoid caregiver burnout. CaraVita Home Care wants all caregivers and family members who care for others to feel appreciated. Here are a few words of wisdom for senior caregivers.

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LaJean Fant | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on September 4 2018

Congratulations to LaJean Fant for being CaraVita Home Care’s September Employee of the Month. LaJean is originally from Gary, Indiana. She has been married for 18 years and has two adult children, one step-daughter, and three grandchildren. LaJean has always had a passion for caregiving and helping others. 

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Financial Safety in Medicare

Posted by CaraVita Staff on September 2 2018

CaraVita Home Care wants all seniors to be safe and informed. We take measures to educate and protect our clients. Medicare is one of the most significant topics families ask about. CaraVita Home Care wants to connect families to individuals who can help them navigate any area of senior living. Medicare consultant, Bonnie Dobbs, is an excellent resource that actively protects seniors in the Greater Atlanta area. The following is a CaraVita Guest Blog written by Bonnie Dobbs:

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Supporting Your Immune System with Senior Home Care

Posted by CaraVita Staff on September 1 2018

As we age, our immune system weakens, raising the chances of illness. At CaraVita, we understand that keeping strong immunity is vitally important for seniors, especially during cold and flu season. A significant part of senior home care is ensuring you are healthy and energized. Here are a few tips for giving your immune system a boost:

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