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CaraVita Home Care Receives 2019 Best of Home Care® – Provider of Choice Award

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 3 2019

We’re delighted to announce that we have received the 2019 Best of Home Care – Provider of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse!

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Bosede Oyadele | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 2 2019

Our CaraVita Home Care April Caregiver of the Month is Bosede Oyadele! Bosede is an excellent employee, and we're proud to highlight her story for our readers this month!

Bosede has been with CaraVita since August 2017. Our case management staff nominated her because in her time at CaraVita, she has consistently stepped up to the plate, taken initiative, and been an extremely reliable and dependable care partner!

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A Breakthrough Way to Fund Chronic Care Expense

Posted by Larry Lupus on April 1 2019

CaraVita Home Care is proud to share the writings of Larry Lupus, the owner of Lupus Financial Services in Cumming, Georgia. He is an expert in finance industry and has provided some helpful information that the senior in your life can use when dealing with financial hardship:

We, the “grown children” whose parents are incurring home care or need to move to Assisted Living Communities, or Memory Care or Independent Living, are worried sick about where the money will come from when the time comes to fund our care. 

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Caregiving From a Distance: A New Challenge Facing Baby Boomers and Their Parents

Posted by Mandy Merkel on March 15 2019

“After my parents moved to Florida to retire and create new lives for themselves, we thought things would be fine; if something happened to one of them, we could hop on a plane and take care of things. Unfortunately, it was not that simple. Dad broke his hip and needed short term rehab – unbeknownst to us; he had been taking care of Mom as her dementia advanced. Like many parents, he had kept us in the dark about how much she depended on him, and like many children, we chose not to see the realities of her decline. Now we were faced with a crisis; who would take care of Mom while Dad was in rehab. None of us children lived closer than a plane ride away – all of us with jobs and families of our own. How would we deal with this?”

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5 Little-known Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 15 2019

It’s common for your loved one’s dietary preferences to change but many times, seniors require significant changes in their diet that are difficult to make. Whenever a change in diet is needed, it can be hard for your loved one to know what the best plan is.

If you're having trouble with helping your loved one achieve a healthy diet, it’s best to help them adjust slowly and work with a licensed healthcare professional. CaraVita Home Care knows that maintaining a healthy diet can be overwhelming. We want to share five nutrition tips for older adults that can help your loved one establish a healthier diet.

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6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hospice Care

Posted by Bridgett Skelton on March 1 2019

There are many misconceptions about Hospice Care and end-of-life care.  Due to these misconceptions, many who might benefit from the service may not receive it until the very end.  Here are six things I wish everyone knew about hospice…

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Mary Miringu | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 1 2019

This month, CaraVita Home Care is highlighting Mary Miringu, one of our driven and compassionate employees! We’re excited to share her story, as well as an account from one of her clients! We appreciate her taking the time to speak with us, and we would like you to join us in highlighting her accomplishments.

This month, we would like to congratulate Mary Miringu, our CaraVita Home Care Caregiver of the Month!

We asked one of Mary's clients, Ken, to speak about how Mary cares for one of her clients!

Growing up in Kenya with two brothers and eight sisters, Mary Miringu first started caring for elders at an early age.

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Glory Uluocha | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 1 2019

Our CaraVita Home Care Caregiver of the Month is Glory Uluocha!

Glory Uluocha is originally from Nigeria. She studied early childhood education and worked in that field before moving to the United States over twenty years ago.

Shortly after moving to America, she married her loving husband, and they now have three beautiful children: one boy who is 20-years old and two girls, now 23 and 17.

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Recognizing Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Memory Impairment

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 1 2019

Seniors may face a multitude of changes at this stage in life, including changes in memory. It's perfectly reasonable for older adults to forget an appointment or medication now and then, but when is it considered memory impairment? At CaraVita, we know that it's not easy to always monitor your loved ones, but we want to emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy body and mind.

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Balkiss Bochere | Caregiver of the Year

Posted by CaraVita Staff on January 11 2019

Choosing our CaraVita Caregiver of the Year is always such a difficult task! We have so many fantastic care partners on our staff that truly put their heart and soul into what they do. So many of our team members are deserving of this honor.

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