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On Aging Well

Posted by CaraVita Staff on June 8 2016 | 2 minute read

Let's face it, aging comes with its challenges. But, wisdom is the gift of age that takes the place of youth. Here's advice from the wise on aging well.

Stay thirsty, my friends

Dos Equis' famous advertisement sums up a tip we hear again and again. Engage in life -- and especially people -- around you. Is making new friends and hobbies in old age just as awkward as it was in childhood? "Yep!" exclaims one CaraVita client, "but it's how to stay sharp." Learning, socializing and diverting energy into hobbies are inherent to the human experience. Without these efforts, the mind and the soul go thirsty like an unwatered plant. But they will grow for a lifetime if fed diligently.

Don't stay thirsty, my friends

That is to say, drink all the water you can, every day of your life. It might sound silly or obvious, but the cells that make us...water makes them. A healthy diet is also scientifically significant link between long life and lifestyle.

Laugh more, frown less.

100 year old Miriam Minsker, when asked the key to long life, thought for a moment and said, "Don't sweat it... I think I just never carried stress or worry. There's always something to worry about, if you want to. But I never let anything bother me much." That was eight years ago. Minsker is alive and well, a happy, healthy 108 years old.

92-year-old Esther Gropper thinks a sense of humor goes a long way, "Sometimes we have to see the humor in life."

Working in the senior care industry, we at CaraVita hear more aging tips -- the good the bad and the suspect -- than just about anyone. But when we talk to seniors, most of the antecdotal observations and suggestions are offering the same advice: the mind, the body and the soul are each central to living long and happy lives. As our bodies age, the medical community will do it's best to help. But our minds and souls -- the mindset we bring to each day, the willingness to do the uncomfortable things like make friends in old age, or dress well every day, or greet everyone with a cheerful hello (and have a current event to discuss); these aren't platitudes they are orders. Don't engage the mind, it will fade. Don't feel inspired, watch inspiration go. Don't connect with others, don't feel connected to life.

So, drink a big glass of water, laugh it all off and go be nice to people; you'll outlive us all no matter what age we are.

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