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CaraVita's Memory Care Training Reaches National Audience

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 3 2015

Dr. Anne Lorio

Beth Cayce and CaraVita Home Care recently hosted a Dementia learning practicum for Georgia State Doctoral Physical Therapy Students. The PT students learned about Alzheimer's and Dementia Care firsthand in an event coordinated by GSU's Dr. Anne Lorio. The practicum included the use of Second Wind Dreams Virtual Dementia Tour and a lecture on basic Dementia communication practices.

Dr. Lorio presented the well-received student training to the combined section meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association. The APTA in turn used Dr. Lorio's presentation notes for their poster presentations at 2015 February Meeting in Indianapolis. She suggested that it could be used in other student training programs across the country going forward. Additionally there were two student learning projects conducted at CaraVita's not-for-profit Assisted Living and Memory Care community Woodland Ridge. Woodland Ridge and the GSU students were working with residents in Memory Care, using the Dream Discovery Method of Second Wind Dreams and creating a Casino Night for residents to enjoy. The second project included use of MP3 players for audio stimulation using music.

Topics: Alzheimer's & Dementia, CaraVita Home Care