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Mary Miringu | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 1 2019 | 2 minute read

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This month, we would like to congratulate Mary Miringu, our CaraVita Home Care Caregiver of the Month!

We’re excited to share her story, as well as an account from one of her clients! We appreciate her taking the time to speak with us, and we would like you to join us in highlighting her accomplishments.

We asked one of Mary's clients, Ken, to speak about how Mary cares for one of her clients!

Growing up in Kenya with two brothers and eight sisters, Mary Miringu first started caring for elders at an early age.

Mary was extremely close to her grandfather, and even though she had a strained relationship with her mom, her grandfather was always someone she could go to. One year, he gave her a cow, and Mary would sleep with the cow, groom the cow, and use its milk to keep her fed. To Mary, this cow was a gift from God.

“I always believed in God, and have been a Catholic my whole life,” Mary said. Around the age of 12, she began attending church almost every day. She saw that the church had many older adults who needed help.

She would round up supplies from her house and go to visit them. “I would take soap from my house and clean for them, wash their floors, bathe them, and cook for them. They loved me so much.” Mary said.

Mary, now in her 60s, has been caring for elders for many years, and has been with CaraVita Home Care for 15 years! She loves learning how to love her clients best and is patient with them and their families because she knows it is strange to welcome a stranger into your life. She knows, though, that once they see the quality of care she provides, they will warm up to her.

Ken, one of Mary’s clients, has provided a moving testimony about the treatment that his wife received from Mary during a tough time in their lives.

About two years ago, I realized that I could no longer safely care for Carol at home and moved her into a memory care community. This event was life-changing, for both of us as well as for my three adult children and eight grandchildren. The community provided 24-hour care, but I wanted a higher level of attention for my loved one.

Although I was satisfied with those caregivers I had been using, I needed 12-hour coverage seven days a week.  I needed a caregiver with a different skill set as the disease was progressing, and Carol was declining.  I needed someone that would care for and about my wife as I would on an extended basis.

Then Mary came into our life. She is the poster child of what a caregiver should be.  She CARES. She FEELS. She UNDERSTANDS.

Mary has become a member of our family. My grandchildren hug her when they come to visit; you can’t fool little kids; they know who is real!


I am convinced that Mary’s care has improved Carol’s quality of life.  Mary goes above and beyond, ensuring that Carol is regularly hydrated, frequently changed, fed with love and direct attention, talked to, hugged and told she is loved.

CaraVita Village is happy to celebrate the contributions of Mary, and we are proud to have her as such an outstanding employee!

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