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Lizzie Ngigi | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on June 1 2019 | 2 minute read

CaraVita Lizzie

Our caregiver of the month for June is an employee that has been with CaraVita Home Care for over TEN years! Lizzie first started working for CaraVita Home Care when our office was still on Canton Street and has been with us ever since!

Originally from Kenya, Lizzie moved to the United States in October 1999. “I came for my daughter’s graduation, and she really wanted me to come and stay, so I decided to move here.” Lizzie has one daughter, two sons, and eleven grandchildren. One of her sons still lives in Kenya, but her other two children live in the United States, and she enjoys living close enough to visit her grandchildren.

In Kenya, Lizzie had a certificate in home economics and was working for a large company called Howard Humphreys Ltd, an engineering, research and consulting firm. When she moved here, she decided not to go back to school because she was still paying for her children’s education. She ultimately decided that being a caregiver was the right path for her.

 Lizzie is incredibly proud that her children are grown and educated, and she loves being involved in their lives. “I’m so happy here, even though I live by myself. I’m happy to be close to them.”

 She is proud of her work as a caregiver and says that she has a unique gift. “God has blessed me, and I have never had a client who has not liked me,” Lizzie says. “I know sometimes people have unpleasant interactions with their clients, but I never have!”

 Her favorite thing to do with her clients is to sing! “One time I had a client who was 94 [years old], and she used to be a singer. We would spend the whole day singing!” Lizzie shared, as she started singing Amazing Grace out loud. “Her family never wanted me to leave because she was always happy while I was with her.”

 “Lizzie is always positive and finds the good in everything. She brings light and life to her clients. She’s extremely dependable, and families have always enjoyed having her in their home,” says Juanita Pro, case manager.


 When Lizzie is not working, she even takes the time to cook up some of her favorite Kenyan foods for our staff at the office. We are proud of Lizzie and all the work she has accomplished as a part of the CaraVita Home Care family! We are so grateful to have her here!

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