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Grace Lasekan | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on July 1 2019 | 2 minute read

CaraVita Home Care - Caregiver Spotlight

CaraVita Home Care’s caregiver of the month of July goes to Grace Lasekan! Grace is originally from Nigeria in West Africa and moved to the United States in November of 2007! This decision came after her mom applied for green cards for herself, Grace and Grace’s two boys: Michael and Isaac.

In Nigeria, Grace graduated from high school and underwent training to become a teacher. Once she had completed her program, she began teaching the fourth grade. “I have always been caring for people, whether it is the seniors or the juniors!” Grace said with a laugh.

Upon moving to the United States, Grace had several family members working in the caregiving field. With encouragement from her sister, Grace decided that becoming a CNA would be a good fit for her. So, after becoming certified, she joined the CaraVita family in 2008!

“I took care of my father for four years back home before he passed away. He was a diabetic with hypertension and he had strokes. Caring for him makes it easier for me to understand how my client’s families are feeling as they are trying to care for their loved ones,” Grace said.

Caregiving really is a family affair for Grace! Grace has two sisters, a brother, and a niece who all also work for CaraVita!

“CaraVita is one of the best agencies,” Grace said. “They always keep you busy and I know I will find love at CaraVita, they always treat you equally.” One of Grace’s most memorable experiences she has had a caregiver was her most recent client, who just passed away in May. “They were the most wonderful family I have ever worked for,” Grace said.

Due to her client’s dementia, there were days that were extra challenging as a caregiver. Grace says that taking the dementia classes at CaraVita helped prepare her for the case, as well as Juanita’s encouragement. Grace says that when she has a challenging day, she would look at her client and ask, “What if this was my mom? It gave me the extra patience I needed.”

Apart from caregiving, Grace says she that her proudest moments in life have been her wedding day, the birth of her two sons, and the birth of her one granddaughter, Moyinoluwa—a name that means “I praise God.”

She also loves watching African movies and traveling, and she always goes back to Nigeria at least once a year to visit her family and friends.LIKE US ON FACEBOOK

We are so grateful to have positive and dedicated team members like Grace on our team here at CaraVita! One who truly exemplifies the mission and vision of caring for our clients as if they were their own family. Congratulations Grace, thank you for everything you do and thank you for being a part of CaraVita’s family!



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