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Glory Uluocha | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 1 2019 | 2 minute read

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Our CaraVita Home Care Caregiver of the Month is Glory Uluocha!

Glory Uluocha is originally from Nigeria. She studied early childhood education and worked in that field before moving to the United States over twenty years ago.

Shortly after moving to America, she married her loving husband, and they now have three beautiful children: one boy who is 20-years old and two girls, now 23 and 17.

Upon moving to the United States, Glory entered a medical assistant program and decided to begin working in the healthcare field. Her husband runs his own business as an accountant. 

“I have always loved caring for people. I really love people, especially elderly people, and I wanted to make a difference in our society,” Glory said.

Glory has always been a planner and loves when everything goes according to plan. However, there aren’t a lot of things that shake her, which is what makes her an extremely reliable and confident caregiver.

“All of my clients are special in their own ways. Some have more challenges than others, but each and every day you learn something new about them as you work with them,” Glory said. “I feel that I can work with anyone, and I know that I’m very confident in what I do.”

Glory has been working with CaraVita since October of 2017 and has been an asset to the team. She has worked with a variety of clients and has done a significant amount of one-on-one dementia training with Beth Cayce, CaraVita’s owner and CEO, as she has trained for the Dementia Life program.

The scheduling team here has really appreciated her confidence.

“Glory pays really close attention to the needs of her clients, and she uses that information to find the best approach to any difficult situation. She is a problem-solver and has a can-do attitude. Her compassion shines as she figures out how to understand and work with each client.”

Glory has loved being a part of the CaraVita team for this past year because she feels that the company has always been honest and respectful in the way they have handled her pay, which is an essential thing to her as a care partner in the field.

“I have really appreciated that I am always compensated for all the work that I do. They have always worked to make sure that I am paid correctly.” 

We want to thank Glory for her dedication to her clients. Join us in congratulating her for being our CaraVita Home Care Caregiver of the Month!


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