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5 Things to Do After a Holiday Visit with Loved Ones

Posted by CaraVita Staff on January 5 2017

So, you've seen your parents. You've checked our checklist. It seems like maybe they might need a little help. What to do?

Easy. Five things to do after a holiday visit with loved ones:

  1. Check into whether they have legal document, such as power of attorney on finances, or a living well (sometimes called advanced directive, or health care directive.) If they don't have these things, get the processes started. If they do, get yourself a copy.
  2. Figure out what their plan is. If they need a little extra help with things like grocery shopping, cooking, or bathing...it's time to consider who could help. We're a great resource at this juncture.
  3. If its isolationm you are concerned with, visit a few prospective places that your loved one might live amongst other seniors. Often, your loved one won't want to hear about change, or moving. So observe on your own, unless they express a willingness to look into it. You can always come back with good news, or not mention places that didn't feel like a good fit.
  4. If the problems are financial in nature -- like paying bills on time and keeping track of money -- ask your loved one if they will let you help. Automate processes using online banking to make their lives a little easier.

  5. Have an emergency plan. Again, CaraVita is a great place to call if you are exploring forward-facing plans with loved ones. At some point, everyone has to navigate these waters. Aging is universal. And so its always best to have not just a plan, but a partner.

If you've done it all, and you feel good about life once more...high fives! If you just don't feel like you've got a footing on your loved one even after looking into the five things to do after a holiday visit with loved ones, we hope CaraVita is your next call. (You can always call us!)

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