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Evelyn Joseph | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on May 3 2018 | 2 minute read

Evelyn JosephCongratulations to Evelyn Joseph for being the May Caregiver Spotlight at CaraVita Home Care! She is originally from Haiti and is currently attending CENSA Nursing School and is set to graduate this October! Evelyn is always there for our clients and their families. She loves to read often, walk in the park, and watch television. When asked what her favorite show was, she replied: 

“Law and Order,” and then laughed, “maybe I should have been a lawyer!”

With all jokes aside, Evelyn has always wanted to be a nurse. She has been working with CaraVita since January 2017 and she says that it is a great company to work for and be a part of. She said, “They listen to their caregivers, and I love getting to come in and joke with the office staff!” Evelyn also went on to explain how she thoroughly enjoys taking care of people.

“I love getting to spend time with my clients, hearing their stories and talking with them. My grandmother passed away five years ago, and I was always very close with her. When I get to spend time listening to my clients, I enjoy spending time with them the same way I enjoyed spending time with her.” 

Not only does the CaraVita family love having her as part of the team, but her clients are happy to work with her too. One of her clients said the following about Evelyn:

“Evelyn is SO positive. You can’t wear her down! If something doesn’t work, she tries a different approach and is very patient. She repeats things as many times as they take, and her persistence builds a sense of trust which helps when it comes to difficult tasks like bathing. I’ve just been so impressed with her work with my father. Dad always has to be the boss. She is respectful of that while still getting things accomplished. When you’re working with individuals living with dementia, every day you have to rebuild that trust, and she is just indomitable in pursuing that.”

We are proud to have members like Evelyn in our CaraVita Home Care family. If you know anyone with or without dementia that may need some extra assistance, then take our In-Home Care Assessment today!

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