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Caring for Seniors During the Holiday Season

Posted by CaraVita Staff on December 17 2012


Caring For Seniors During the Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, and plans in place to visit mom and dad, now is a great time for families to revisit solutions that keep parents aging gracefully and in place. Because our lives are busy, we may not always connect with our parents and aging loved ones as often as we would like. 

The holidays offer the opportunity not only to cherish time with those we love, but to ensure that they are well prepared to continue living independently through simple assessment.

It is important to pay attention to details in hygiene, weight, appearance and mobility. Often as seniors age, household duties can become more challenging to maintain. Dirty clothes, piled dishes and unopened mail can be early warning signs that loved ones may be in need of assistance. If your aging loved one are requiring more help than before, it may be time to consider whether help is needed after the holidays.

In many cases, a part-time caretaker can assist aging seniors with simple tasks like home management and errands. This can alleviate the stress put on loved ones as the chores pile up. 


Another effective solution is the implementation of home modifications and equipment that can make aging in place a more manageable reality. Widened doorways, grab bars in slippery places like showers, ramps, handrails and stair lifts can take the burden off our loved ones, making their homes easier to navigate and safer to live in.

For families, activity-monitoring sensors can measure daily interactions at home and deliver reports and alerts for peace of mind, and medication dispensing technology can ensure that pills are properly administrated, taken and not forgotten. The use of 911 alert pendants helps to ensure that your loved ones are never out of help’s reach.

The holidays are a time for family. As we age, we are not less connected to those we love, nor less dedicated to leading rich and meaningful lives. For our aging loved ones, there is no greater gift than continued independence, and the ability to live a full life. If during this season you see changes in family that require support, we are happy to help in any way possible to ensure that those we love can age gracefully in place.

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