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Teach One, Reach Many. A Care to Learn International event.

Posted by Beth Cayce on October 6 2015


We believe that to teach one is to reach many. That’s why at Care to Learn International, we empower Kenyan pastors and leaders to aid the poor, sick and suffering in their communities. For the last six years, our graduates have reached more than 100,000 hurting people in Kenya by sharing God's love in practical ways through the establishment of orphanages, schools and churches, and the institution of street level health and hunger programs, addiction outreach, and anti-violence initiatives.

Our graduates serve as pastors and community leaders among the lost and the least in some of the most challenging environments on earth - the slums, gang and tribally torn areas, deserts and remote villages. We believe that in teaching one person to lead, many in the community are touched.

You may never go to Africa but because of your donation, you will have helped thousands see His face and live life as He intended. Join us today and allow us to train more leaders in the skills necessary to change the world.

Help us to Teach One, Reach Many.

Visit caretoleanintl.org to learn more about this special organization.

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