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CaraVita Senior Care Welcomes Bear Mahon, President and COO

Posted by CaraVita Staff on May 3 2018

caravita senior careLike many CaraVita associates, Bear Mahon joined the senior living industry because of a desire to serve others. His introduction to senior living came through the therapy and rehabilitation field, and during his 20-year career in the industry, he’s gained experience in the healthcare industry in ancillary care services, acquisition and mergers, corporate development, and multi-state portfolio management.

Mahon’s interest in service comes naturally, growing up in a military family and beginning his career in rehabilitative services. “With my parents working in the medical field and in Hospitals – I would put on a lab coat, put gloves in my pocket, and follow them around as they walked the floors. You would find me talking with the patients or pulling them out of their rooms to play cards and checkers.”

This early introduction into healthcare led Mahon to work in senior care and to begin in 2000; he served as Executive Director and Area Operations Manager for CaraVita Senior Care.

“I had just been hired in my first role as Executive Director and found out they were about to sell the building to a local businesswoman, who ended up being Beth Cayce. I honestly wasn’t sure if she would keep me there. She assured me that if I invested in her, she would invest in me. She said she would teach me the business and she did just that.”

Following his work at CaraVita Senior Care, Mahon continued to excel in the field. He spent over a decade serving in multiple roles with Emeritus and Brookdale Senior Living to include; District Director of Operations, Regional Vice President, and Vice President of Community and Field Operations.

“I knew early on in life that my calling was to serve others,” he declares. “People ask me what has helped me grow professionally in the senior housing industry. I believe it’s my passion, cadence, and love for what I do.”

Mahon now returns to CaraVita Senior Care 14 years later as the new President and COO.

“I am very fortunate to have experienced the side of the senior living industry where you see the moments when care associates are holding the hands of clients, warming their hearts with a genuine smile, tucking them in at night, and kissing them on the forehead after their prayers. In these moments of day-to-day business, I see the CaraVita mission in action. At CaraVita, we want to love and serve.  Finding that culture in a business is rare. That’s why I’m so excited to rejoin the company and CEO that gave me the opportunity to start my journey of serving others.”

In his new position, Mahon will work to optimize and streamline operational initiatives that align with the company’s mission and expansion plans related to educational and certification programs, healthcare and consulting management, and home care specialty services. Mahon wants to see the company rise to meet the ever-increasing needs of serving seniors in the community.

“We at CaraVita Senior Care are on a mission to serve our clients, residents, and associates from ‘head-to-toe’ and ‘heart-to-soul,’” Mahon states.  "Our initiatives and the decisions we make will focus on one question: Will this make the care and services we offer to our clients and residents better? If so, then we want to make that happen, whether that is through increasing our service options or growing our educational opportunities to better attract, retain, and train quality team members who share our passion to serve.”

CaraVita Home Care is proud to welcome Bear Mahon as our new president and COO. Be sure to subscribe to our blog for all the CaraVita Home Care and Senior Living News! 


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