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Bosede Oyadele | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 2 2019 | 2 minute read

Bosede CaraVita Home Care Caregiver Spotlight Blog

Our CaraVita Home Care April Caregiver of the Month is Bosede Oyadele! Bosede is an excellent employee, and we're proud to highlight her story for our readers this month!

Bosede has been with CaraVita since August 2017. Our case management staff nominated her because in her time at CaraVita, she has consistently stepped up to the plate, taken initiative, and been an extremely reliable and dependable care partner!

 Bosede and her family are originally from Nigeria and moved to the US about three years ago. Bosede lives with her husband and their four children: Shalom (11), Sharon (9), Elizabeth (2), and Hosanna (10 months). Bosede’s mom also moved from Nigeria and lives with her family here in Atlanta.

Bosede trained as a pharmacist in Nigeria, so when she moved to the US, she knew she wanted to be back in the healthcare field. Friends of hers who lived here suggested that she begin working as a CNA, so she became licensed. She has been a caregiver for the past two years and has also received her certification in Medication Administration! She knew if she wanted to be in healthcare again, she had to start somewhere, and caregiving seemed like a great place to do that. “I just love caring for people. Especially the elderly,” Bosede said.

When asked, Bosede said that the most memorable moments in her life have been graduating from pharmacy school, getting married to her husband 13 years ago, and becoming a mother. In her free time, she loves going to church and singing gospel songs.

We believe that Bosede has been a great addition to the CaraVita family! “I love CaraVita,” Bosede says. “They have always treated me well. I heard good things about the company before I joined and since I have been working here, the staff has always been kind and accommodating. They don’t discriminate.”

Bosede has been working with her current client for only a short time but has been with many different clients throughout her time. “I love all my clients,” Bosede said. “All of them are special in their own ways.”

Recently, while working a night shift with a client, she said that as they were getting ready for bed, the client was doing very well and began to tell her all about her family and life story. “She was telling me stories about her family and history, I love getting to hear all about her life,” Bosede said. “I love that we get to hear from one another and laugh together.”


We congratulate Bosede on being our Caregiver of the Month, and we're glad that we could share her story with residents and guests. Check back next month to learn about our May Caregiver of the Month!

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