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Balkiss Bochere | Caregiver of the Year

Posted by CaraVita Staff on January 11 2019 | 3 minute read

Caregiver of the Year Balkiss

Choosing our CaraVita Caregiver of the Year is always such a difficult task! We have so many fantastic care partners on our staff that truly put their heart and soul into what they do. So many of our team members are deserving of this honor.

Each year, we choose our Caregiver of the Year from our Caregivers of the Month for the entire year. So, without further ado, we would like to announce that our 2018 Caregiver of the Year is…. (drumroll, please…) Balkiss Bochere!

When we reached out to some of the client’s and professionals who have worked with Balkiss in the last year, they all had glowing reviews. Her patience and persistence have served her well even in challenging situations, and her love of learning has created meaningful relationships with clients and families. 

One family member said this:

“We transitioned from a previous caregiver company to CaraVita. From the start, we were impressed with the background that the company did on researching the issues around my father and learning about him. Beth, the owner personally met with my father and his three kids to get a feel of what we needed and wanted for our father. She took the time to find the right group of caregivers to work with my father. 

Balkiss was the main daily caregiver that interacted with the family and my father and the staff at the Assisted Living location.  From the start, Balkiss was a soft-spoken, caring person who never let my father frazzle her. She immediately read his book and took the time to ask engaging questions about him so that she could learn more. She was with him for four months, and I remember her telling him about studying to become an American Citizen.  My father, always the proud American, would help her study and she would ask questions of him about America, presidents, and law.   She was devoted to helping make his life better as much as his three kids were. Balkiss engaged with the family when we came in to see my father and we appreciated helping him stay active, nourished and comfortable.  They read the Bible, the Wall Street Journal, joke books, and more! I felt that she was like one of the family. My father and our family were blessed to have Balkiss in our lives and caring for my father. 

Knowing that he was cared for by someone who didn’t look at this as “just a job” but displayed true sympathy, understanding, and kindness was what mattered most to us. Balkiss lived up to that. Balkiss has the gift of caring, and it was fully evident in how she cared for my father.”

CaraVita’s owner and CEO said:

“Balkiss was one of the first caregivers to begin the dementia certification process through CaraVita. I knew when I met her she would be an excellent caregiver to train to work with one of our clients. However, Balkiss was not as confident. As I pressed on how to create an individual approach to engaging a conversation to reduce behavioral expressions, she told me, “I am not sure I can do this.” She was always the right person, and with good coaching and the perfect client, she learned how to bring out his best stories and life lessons. I knew Balkiss had exceeded her goal when on one visit I saw her reading to him about the new Supreme Court Justices and their positions and what they thought on issues. Balkiss and the client talked on and on enjoying this conversation and learning new things. The client taught Balkiss his favorite history, and she learned how to engage him meaningfully and with heart. Congratulations Balkiss as you epitomize how training transforms to help those you serve! You deserve this!”

Please join us in celebrating Balkiss for being CaraVita Home Care's Caregiver of the Year!


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