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Drawing on the Arts to Promote Healthy Aging

Aging with Grace: Creating a Supportive Care Environment

A Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts of Dementia Care

Protecting Your Personal Relationship As a Family Caregiver

Explaining an Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis to Children

4 Steps to Creating an Emergency Care Plan

COVID-19 Update to Our Clients & Families

How to Communicate with a Loved One with Dementia

COVID-19 Client & Family Update

Technology Trends That Benefit Seniors & Promote Connectivity

CaraVita Home Care Addresses Coronavirus (COVID-19) Concerns

Vitamins & Nutrients for Seniors: Which Ones Matter?

Live-In Home Care

Medication Adherence and the Aging Parent

George Umahoin | Caregiver Spotlight

Understanding Transitional Care

10 Activities that Promote Social Wellness in Seniors

Importance of Being Dementia Aware

Atinuke "Tina" Doherty | Caregiver Spotlight

Home Care vs. Home Health: What’s the Difference?

How to Manage Long-Distance Caregiving

CaraVita Announces Director of Client Relations

RoToya Jiles | Caregiver of the Year

Recognizing 4 Common Types of Depression in Seniors

Rotoya Jiles | Caregiver Spotlight

Health Tips to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Janie Wallace | Caregiver Spotlight

5 Things to Pay Attention to When Visiting Your Senior Parent

Philomina Fyneface | Caregiver Spotlight

CaraVita Announces Vice President of Business Development

A Look at the History of Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Transportation Options in Metro Atlanta Area

Rita Offiong | Caregiver Spotlight

Navigating Transitional Care: From Hospital to Home

Grace Lasekan | Caregiver Spotlight

Senior Care: Navigating the Caregiver Journey

Tough Conversations with Your Loved One on the Challenges of Aging

Lizzie Ngigi | Caregiver Spotlight

Laura & Beth Cayce: A Mother-Daughter Duo Passionate About Seniors

Cierra & Juanita Pro: Working Together to Better Senior Living

Helping Your Loved One Avoid Senior Scams

Protecting Seniors from Fraud: The Top 8 Scams and How to Prevent Them

Adeyemi Ademoye | Caregiver Spotlight

Assisting Seniors with Doctor Visits

CaraVita Home Care Receives 2019 Best of Home Care® – Provider of Choice Award

Bosede Oyadele | Caregiver Spotlight

A Breakthrough Way to Fund Chronic Care Expense

Caregiving From a Distance: A New Challenge Facing Baby Boomers and Their Parents

5 Little-known Nutrition Tips for Older Adults

6 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hospice Care

Mary Miringu | Caregiver Spotlight

Glory Uluocha | Caregiver Spotlight

Recognizing Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Memory Impairment

Balkiss Bochere | Caregiver of the Year

Staying Positive with a Hospital to Home Program

Balkiss Bochere | Caregiver Spotlight

Holiday Gift Guide for the Senior in Your Life

How to Have a Good Holiday Visit

Josephine Okolie | Caregiver Spotlight

Timing Out Maintenance with Senior Home Care

Dementia Life and Person-Centered Care Approach at CaraVita Home Care

Alima Njie | Caregiver Spotlight

Words of Wisdom for Senior Caregivers

LaJean Fant | Caregiver Spotlight

Financial Safety in Medicare

Supporting Your Immune System with Senior Home Care

Senior Home Care and Caregiving, It Is A Team Effort

Christopher Nweze | Caregiver Spotlight

Ways to Stay Positive with In-Home Care

Saluting Our Older Veterans

CaraVita Partners with Ceresti Health for Pilot Program

Tawanda Burge | Caregiver Spotlight

Edemanwan Akpan | Caregiver Spotlight

CaraVita Home Care and Retirement Redefined

CaraVita Senior Care Welcomes Bear Mahon, President and COO

Evelyn Joseph | Caregiver Spotlight

4 Recipes to Cook with Mom on Mother’s Day

12 Steps to A Medical Miracle

Dan Adesinmilolu | Caregiver Spotlight

5 Fun Spring Activities for Seniors for CaraVita Home Care in Atlanta

The Memory Care Café Concept | CaraVita Spotlight

Emmanuelle Tokwaulu | Caregiver Spotlight

Senior Advisory Services | CaraVita Spotlight

Dr. Rolf W. Meinhold | CaraVita Spotlight

Jazzmine Patterson | Caregiver Spotlight

The Importance of Social Media for Seniors

Miriam Njoroge | Caregiver Spotlight

4 Ways to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Cynthia Mangum | Caregiver Spotlight

6 Ways to Pay for Home Care Services

Dealing with Difficult Behavior During the Holiday Season

A Guide to Home Care for Seniors

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease in Aging Parents

Rebecca Wescott | Caregiver Spotlight

Judith Okech | Caregiver Spotlight

Tanya Chisolm | Caregiver Spotlight

The 10 Biggest Dementia Care No-No's

The Biggies: ten conversations you should plan for

How to make aging in place safe again

Technology Seniors Need

CaraVita Home Care Receives 2017 Best of Home Care Provider Award

5 Things to Do After a Holiday Visit with Loved Ones

Preparing seniors for a storm

Sensory and Creative Engagement Items For Those With Dementia

Wanda Edge | Caregiver Spotlight

Seniors and the Sharing Economy: how the Golden Girls got it right

Back To School For Caregivers

Rita Chukwu | Caregiver Spotlight

On Aging Well

Augustine Agbontaen | Caregiver Spotlight

Thank a Nurse!

Easy Peasy Services Access for Seniors

Did You Just Call Me Granny?

Lisa Nagel | Caregiver Spotlight

Could it be Early Stages of Dementia? Coping as a Caregiver

How to Handle Going Home After a Hospital Stay

CaraVita Client Spotlight: Meet Gene Oberdorfer

Who's Directing Your Health Care?

Truly a Night to Shine

Cold and Flu Prevention

Matters of The Heart

Patrice Bryant | Caregiver Spotlight

New Horizons

Jennifer Pierce Washington | Caregiver Spotlight

Gracia Gibson | Caregiver Spotlight

21 ways for seniors to have fun together

A Thanksgiving Opportunity

How CaraVita provides unique opportunities for students

Regina Perry | Caregiver Spotlight

Hands that nurture: the power of touch.

Mary Karanja | Caregiver Spotlight

Communicating with Doctors Effectively

Family Caregivers: Invisible Nurses.

Aging Parents and the Five Most Critical Signs

Recall Guide Helps Seniors Remember Medications

Rosemary Kanyuira | Caregiver Spotlight

CaraVita's Memory Care AllStar Keeta Keeton

Understanding Senior Care Options: Spectrum of Care

Nursing in an Aging America

Helen Ogbeide | Caregiver Spotlight

Understanding Senior Care Options

Regina Kumah | Caregiver Spotlight

Barry Chabu | Caregiver Spotlight

Boosting Your Body's Defenses to Live Disease Free!

Margaret Karanja

CaraVita's Memory Care Training Reaches National Audience

VICE: Killing Cancer

Felice Hiller | Caregiver Spotlight

Helen Tisdale | Caregiver Spotlight

A Doctor’s Guide to the Heart

Healing Touch Seminars

Care News That Matters: Home Care Association of America v. Weil

Love is Powerful and Love Heals

How to Know if You Need a Caregiver

Leanita Phillips | Caregiver Spotlight

Carol Chimnery | Caregiver Spotlight

The Greatest Generation

Senior Care, Simplified.

Tina Lawalsolarin | Caregiver Spotlight

"Alzheimer's Disease Today" - September 30, 2014

Ten Interesting Facts and Tips about the Aging Eye

Claudine Louis | Caregiver Spotlight

Esther Taylor | Caregiver Spotlight

Life Lessons From Dad: Caring for an Aging Parent

How mindfulness can make us happier and healthier

Annie Githuto | Caregiver Spotlight

Warning Signs of Declining Health

The Prevention of Cognitive Decline: How to Live Past 90.

National Safety Month: Home Safety Checklist

Kris Fredericks | Caregiver Spotlight

Beth Cayce: North Fulton Health and Wellness Champion for 2014

National Nurses Week: May 6-12

Rosemary Kiare | Caregiver Spotlight

What Makes a Great Caregiver?

April is Parkinson's Awareness Month

Living Wills and Advance Directives: 101

Jane Shalom | Caregiver Spotlight

Occupational Therapy: Living Life to the Fullest

Senior Care Tips: Eczema is More than Skin Deep

Thopollo Mutasa | Caregiver Spotlight

Eat Red for Heart Health

Red Wine and Heart Health

Heart Healthy Chicken Pot Pie

Naseema Charnia | Caregiver Spotlight

How to Eat Out and Be Heart Healthy

Beauty Inside and Out

A Daily High Dose of Vitamin E May Slow Early Alzheimer’s Disease

A Caregiver's Resolution

Mary Miringu | Caregiver of the Month

Aging and the Holidays

Rachel Nyingi | Caregiver Spotlight

Questions for Families Considering Long Term Care

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Janie Wallace | Caregiver of the Month

Medicare Advantage Plans vs. Traditional Medicare

Eunice Moyo | Caregiver Spotlight

How to Say it to Seniors: Common Mistakes

September's Upcoming Events

Learning to Speak Alzheimer's

Beth's Advice to Aspiring Small Business Owners