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Adeyemi Ademoye | Caregiver Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on May 1 2019 | 2 minute read

Adeyemi Spotlight CaraVita Blog

Our May Caregiver of the Month is Adeyemi Ademoye! Adeyemi, or “Yemi” as staff and clients know him, is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. His wife, Boyo, and his sister-in-law Helen are also caregivers for CaraVita Home Care!

Boyo and Yemi met in Lagos in 1993; they had a traditional Nigerian engagement in 2005 before Boyo moved to the US in 2008. During their time in separate countries, they would travel back and forth to Nigeria or meet in the UK to visit one another. They had their formal church wedding in March of 2015 and continued traveling to and from Nigeria until Yemi received his green card in May of 2016 to be with Boyo in the United States. “I am a very loyal man!” Yemi says with a laugh, “That’s why I have stayed with CaraVita from the beginning!”

Yemi and Boyo have two children, Shemi and Tami, and are very excited to announce a third child on the way! In their spare time, Yemi and Boyo enjoy traveling and visiting their friends all over the world.

In Nigeria, Yemi had a Master’s degree in business administration and was a business owner in the telephone industry. His wife inspired him to join the healthcare industry when he moved to the US and so he joined the CaraVita team. “I knew that healthcare would survive. That’s why I am currently taking classes in nursing at Georgia State University and in two years, I will complete my BSN degree. But I still want to keep working for CaraVita!”

Yemi has been with CaraVita since March of 2017 and has loved the clients he has had the opportunity to care for as well as his time working with the staff. “The staff are conscientious and have great communication. They devote so much time in their caregivers’ well-being, and their professionalism is second to none,” Yemi says.

Yemi has left lasting impressions on his clients, and they have impacted him as well. One of his clients moved out-of-state and gave him a call just this past week to check-in and see how he was doing. The last client he worked for recently passed away, but Yemi shares, “He was a very nice man. I don’t wear a watch anymore because of him!” When asked for an explanation, Yemi said, “He was always bothered by the fact that I wore my watch on my right wrist. He told me, ‘Wristwatches should be worn on the left—9 times out of 10!’ Back in Nigeria, if you wore your watch on your left hand, it was more likely to get stolen, but I could tell it really bothered him, and he was always distracted by it, so I just stopped wearing it! Now, whenever I glance down at my watch, I remember Mr. Gene!


We are so grateful for compassionate and dedicated staff like Yemi which is what makes him the perfect candidate for our May Caregiver of the Month award! Congratulations, Yemi!



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