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3 New Technology Trends That Benefit Seniors

Posted by CaraVita Staff on January 1 2019

CaraVita Home Care Senior Technology Trends

Technology is a wonderful thing. Having the ability to guide you where you're going, remind you of something you've forgotten or being able to answer any questions you could have are a few of the perks of new technology today. When applied to seniors, technology takes on a whole new application.


Many seniors have Alzheimer's and dementia, which can be debilitating without constant reminders of daily tasks. Other older adults struggle with obtaining answers to questions they may have because they are not familiar with the internet or Google.

At CaraVita Home Care, we know that making life easier is also making life better. That’s why we’re going to discuss three technology trends that are helping seniors in today’s society. It may be helpful for you to suggest a few of these to your loved one too!

Wearable Tech

Because wearable technology is becoming such a huge category, we will focus on one gadget - The smartwatch. Smartwatches have been growing in popularity over the years and are taking the world by storm. It is common to for you to see hundreds of people a day wearing a smartwatch and with good reason, too. Smartwatches have several features in them that make anyone's life more convenient, but also have some genuine applications when it comes to older adults! Some of these features are: 

  • GPS
  • Built-in phone and text messaging
  • Access to thousands of applications
  • Calendar
  • Alarms
  • Health monitoring

While some of these features may be convenient for a younger adult, a senior would enjoy them much more. With the calendar and alarms, seniors that have early stages of Alzheimer's and dementia can remind themselves of essential tasks like taking medication or going to appointments. The health monitoring applications built into the watch can help your loved one check their heart rate and blood pressure. This can be vital for seniors that have ongoing health issues. Do some research and talk with your loved one about which smartwatch would be best for them!


In-home Technology

At this point, you've likely heard of Alexa or Google Home. These are devices placed in the home with the ability to respond to voice. Whether you’re asking what time of day it is or what the weather is outside, they always have an answer. Having one of these devices in the home can save countless hours spent looking for answers to questions throughout the year.

For seniors, in-home technology can be life-changing because they can ask the device any question that they may need it to answer. Instead of struggling with computers or the internet, they can receive a response in seconds. This technology can be especially helpful for your loved one if they travel, as they can ask what the traffic is like or if it is cold outside.

The debate of whether Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Home is better than the other is not one we can solve. You'll have to look into the features of each device and decide which one would be best for you to suggest to your loved one. Either way, we're sure they'll enjoy the convenience!

Medication Management Devices

CaraVita Home Care Technology Trends Medication Management DevicesThe third technology trend on our list is the emergence of medication management devices. These devices specialize in reminding your loved one to take their medication, which can be especially important for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Even younger adults forget to take their medication so that these devices could be useful for anyone!

One device we would like to mention in particular is the MedMinder. This gadget can dispense your loved one's medication at specific times of the day to ensure they don't forget to take it. If your loved one doesn't take the medication, the device will play a customized message by you or a family member reminding them to take medication. If there is still no action, the device will send a message to your phone or email letting you know that the medication was never accepted.

With the emergence of new technology every year, seniors can manage their health more and make life easier. Try suggesting some of these to your loved one and show them the convenience of using new technology in their home!

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