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12 Steps to A Medical Miracle

Posted by Nancy Marvin on April 15 2018 | 3 minute read


12 steps to medical miracleCaraVita Health Care wants all of our clients and their families to be as healthy as they possibly can be. Everyone gets sick from time to time, some worse than others. Recovering from being ill can be a challenge but does not necessarily have to be a miracle. If you take care of yourself and follow these 12 steps you will tend to be rewarded with a more favorable outcome. 

  1. Take Control of Your Illness. You are not helpless even though you may think so! Regain control of your health and well-being with information and attitude. Make it a point to be included in all decisions regarding your treatment. Do not just let the doctors dictate your destiny.


  1. Insist on Options. Look at second options as opposed to second opinions. Medicine is NOT an absolute. Every problem has multiple solutions, and you must find them. Choices are not to be feared but instead embraced.


  1. Find the Right Doctor. Not all doctors practice equally. When you have a serious health challenge, it is worth it to take the time and effort to find the best one for your condition. It could mean the difference between life and death.


  1. Build a Partnership with Your Doctor. If it is a true partnership, both sides have responsibilities. Yours is to be informed about your illness so you can ask questions. No question is ever too silly, and the number of questions is never too many. Your doctor’s responsibility is to answer each fully with patience and detail.


  1. Recognize That All Medical Decisions are Tradeoffs. Remember there are no right answers. Both the costs and the benefits of each treatment option need to be considered. Although everyone’s balance is different, it’s important to find the balance that’s right for YOU! Once you’ve got that, dive deep inside yourself and decide what really matters.


  1. Sustain a Claim to Life. Having a good attitude whether you call it optimism or “fighting spirit” is not enough. You must also act. A will to live must be accompanied by a commitment to living: join a support group, set goals, create a Vision Board, “revitalize your membership in life.”


  1. Find an Advocate (Or Be Your Own). It can be challenging to find the best care in a managed care environment. Sometimes you can end up struggling with your doctor as well as your illness. At this point, it might be best to enlist an advocate to do the fighting for you.


  1. Subdue the Enemy Within. At some point, you may ask the question, “Why me?” Learn to recognize self-pity and resist it. Guilt is another feeling to resist. Even though you or your loved ones might be suffering, it is not your fault.


  1. Build a Support Network. You absolutely can not travel this journey alone! It will be vital for you to depend on friends, family, caregivers, strangers, etc. But do not expect more from others than is reasonable. Family and friends will not change just because you are sick.


  1. Don’t Let the Disease or Treatment Change Who You Are. The “I am still here!” syndrome can get the better of you. “Survival at any cost” thinking, denial or surrender are not good. If the disease or treatment changes you, you may have lost the battle already.


  1. Know When to Draw the Line. Knowing when the cost of survival is too high and whether something is worth fighting for or not is important. Doctors often make this determination for their patients. You want to be sure to make it for yourself!


  1. Never Say Never. Each person reacts differently to disease, medication, and treatment. Every doctor has had patients that defy a hopeless prognosis. The human body has the power to heal itself.

 If you follow these 12 steps to recovering medically, you will be on a better path towards full health. If still, you need more assistance, then check out our In-Home Care Services to find the right type of care for you! 


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