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12 Steps To A Medical Miracle

Posted by Nancy Marvin on April 15 2018


CaraVita Health Care wants all of our clients and their families to be as healthy as they possibly can be. Everyone gets sick from time to time, some worse than others. Recovering from being ill can be a challenge but does not necessarily have to be a miracle. If you take care of yourself and follow these 12 steps you will tend to be rewarded with a more favorable outcome. 

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Dan Adesinmilolu | Employee Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 12 2018

Congratulations to Dan Adesinmilolu for being the April Employee of the Month at CaraVita Home Care! Dan is a hard worker and an extremely caring person. He is always going above and beyond for clients to put a smile on their face and make sure they are cared for.

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5 Fun Spring Activities for Seniors for CaraVita Home Care in Atlanta

Posted by CaraVita Staff on April 1 2018

The springtime brings a sense of renewal, along with sunny days, colorful plants, and aromatic breezes. This is the time to help the senior in your life get some fresh air after being cooped up indoors all winter long. It is a relief to feel the sun on your skin and smell those sweet Georgia peaches! It can be a little challenging to find activities that you and mom, or dad, can do outside together. That is why here at CaraVita Home Care we created a list of 5 fun spring activities for seniors in Home Care in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The Memory Care Café Concept | CaraVita Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 15 2018

CaraVita Home Care works with Amy's Place, a Memory Care Café, to help with residents who may experience memory loss. For these individuals and their loved ones, Amy's Place offers socialization and education. They provide support groups for caregivers, educational events, materials, and resources. Caring Together in Hope founded Amy's Place. Caring Together in Hope is a non-profit organization inspired by a caregiver named Carol Troxel Hammitt. Carol once stated, "This isn't easy. It could be one of the hardest things we have ever accomplished." Carol was a caregiver for four young children when she was very young herself. She practiced private duty nursing and became a registered nurse until she eventually developed Lewy Body Dementia and passed away four months after diagnosis.

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Emmanuelle Tokwaulu | Employee Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 6 2018

Congratulations to Emmanuelle Tokwaulu for being our Employee of the Month for March! Emmanuelle joined the CaraVita team in August of 2017 and has been an integral part of the Shared Services team at Atria North Point. Along with hourly private-duty care, she assists clients in independent living on the weekends. Everyone she works with really enjoys her positivity, patience, and “can-do” attitude!

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Senior Advisory Services | CaraVita Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on March 1 2018

CaraVita Home Care is proud to partner with Senior Advisory Services (SAS). SAS provides excellent guidance for senior living and senior care options. They provide education to help individuals make the right decision about transitioning to a senior living community. In this guest blog Stephanie Fiber-Sutton, CEO of Senior Advisory Services gives tips and resources to balancing a personal life, work life, and caring for a loved one.

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Dr. Rolf W. Meinhold | CaraVita Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 15 2018

A second-generation family physician with 30 years of working experience, Dr. Rolf W. Meinhold works together with CaraVita Home Care to put their patients first. Dr. Meinhold specializes in heart disease and diabetes prevention through weight management and nutrition. As a fluent speaker of both English and German, Dr. Meinhold enjoys communicating helpful, positive practices to patients such as discovering and maintaining a healthy diet.

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Jazzmine Patterson | Employee Spotlight

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 3 2018

Jazzmine Patterson has been working for CaraVita Home Care for a year now. She has shown herself to be a dependable and compassionate caregiver. Recently, she was nominated by a family member in Roswell, Ga for the care and attention she gave to their mother. The client’s relative even stated the following:

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The Importance of Social Media for Seniors

Posted by CaraVita Staff on February 1 2018

Connecting never goes out of style and seniors are making their presence known on the Internet. The Pew Research Center has shown that Internet use among those 65 and older grew a staggering 150% between 2009 and 2011, the largest growth in any demographic group. Additionally, their 2012 study showed that of those that go online, 71% do so daily and 34% use social media regularly. If social media is a house party, seniors might have shown up fashionably late but they are here to stay late and have a good time. Seniors are enthusiastic when it comes to staying connected with friends and family.

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Miriam Njoroge | Employee of the Year

Posted by CaraVita Staff on January 4 2018

Each year, the administrative team here at CaraVita Home Care selects one caregiver from the previous year to celebrate as the Caregiver of the Year. This caregiver has shown an outstanding level of work performance over the last year and exceptional dedication and professionalism in representing CaraVita. They demonstrate CaraVita’s core values of Wellness, Excellence, Communication, Attention to Detail, Engagement and Integrity. They must have been a CaraVita employee for at least one full year, and have previously been awarded the Caregiver of the Month award.

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